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A couple of weeks ago, Ernie and I got into a big argument. It was over a piece of paper: our credit report and mainly had to do with some things on HIS report. The reason his score was lower than expected had to do with someone else and wasn’t directly Ernie’s fault.

I did not see it this way. I was furious.  I was triggered a LOT. And, of course, you guessed it, my ex-husband wasn’t a particularly financially intelligent person. Before I knew it, I was a hugely projecting…hugely.

It got to the point where Ernie had to say, “Olga, listen. It’s like you’re blaming me for something I haven’t done and something I can do nothing about, your past. I don’t mind addressing the situation at hand and doing my due diligence to fix what I can. But at this point, he said, “I feel like this: I’m coming home and telling you about a car accident I witnessed. And you go like, ‘OH MY GOD, I can’t believe you were in a car accident!!!! You do this to me ALL THE TIME!!! I can not believe it’s happening AGAIN. And I am like, ‘Sweety, I don’t understand what is going on, I didn’t get in a car accident. Why are you so upset?”

Yep, it was THAT ridiculous. The truth is, once I tapped on myself, I saw the absurdity of the conflict as well. And, so we were able to talk about it, we put a plan in place and moved past it with peace.

I hugely credit our ability to resolve things like that, to the fact that we’ve done our inner work (and we’re constantly doing this) vs. sweeping things under the rug.

Now, as you obviously see from this post, I haven’t done ALL the work.  I am a work in process, I like to say that I am my best project and masterpiece.

What I am claiming is the importance of addressing our own patterns, blocks, and subconscious beliefs.

This is exactly why I’ve created this video. I’m sharing three reasons why it’s important to address your issues before getting into a new relationship.

Watch the video below so you can avoid some of the most common traps when it comes to unconscious loving.

And if you’re ready to unpack and heal your own patterns, fears, and limiting beliefs, I am happy to help.

Whether you are single, dating, or have a partner, I offer a free 20 min consultation. Just scroll to the bottom of the “Tap into LOVE”  page to apply here: https://www.olgabochareva.com/tap-into-love-method.

In this consultation, I will address any questions you have on how to work with me 1-on-1. We will also talk about your relationship struggles, and you’ll walk out with the insight to help you get unstuck.

Here is that link again: https://www.olgabochareva.com/introductory-consultation/

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