Every couple has conflicts. Fights and disagreements happen in both good and difficult marriages.

Couples that proactively deal with difficult topics tend to repeat same fights less (or not at all)


The goal is not to have any conflict at all. If you have few disagreements here and there and they are generally get resolved, you are in a HEALTHY partnership.

But If you find yourself in a repeating cycle of ALL THE SAME fights, you can start feeling like you are losing your sanity.


If in addition to that, you feel like you are the only one trying, and have been doing this for months or even years, you might catch yourself thinking of an exit strategy.


Now, generally speaking, break ups are messy, expensive and emotionally painful. So, before I advise my clients to even consider this option I suggest you do your due diligence to save the relationship, so no stone is left upturned.

This way, if you DO decide to separate (which could be the best option for you), you’ll do that with a peace of mind and recover faster.


Here are 12 Crucial Questions to ask yourself BEFORE you make the call. Journal on them, they will bring great clarity and understanding on how you REALLY feel. Tap on any fears that surface up as a result (many will).

Remember: fears are better out than in. Everything that you ever wanted in on the other side of a fear.


Watch the video below to help you navigate through the questions, learn how to tap on what is coming up and interpret the results of your findings.


Click here to watch the video



Here is a quick run down of the questions, so you can journal on them for your convenience:


  1. Do you have a fear of just a word divorce/break up in general?
  2. Are you blaming him or are you blaming yourself?
  3. Do you fear others will criticize, disapprove or judge you?
  4. Are you worried about your kids?
  5. How do you physically feel in his presence?
  6. Can you picture a future together?
  7. Do you worry that you will be alone and lonely for the rest of your life, if you break up?
  8. Have you worked with a professional/ and or a Faster EFT practitioner?
  9. Are your ‘relationships problem’ just a symptom of other bigger patterns/limiting beliefs?
  10. Can you picture him happy?
  11. Have you told him how you feel?
  12. Are you worried about your finances?

Again here is the video with insights to help you navigate the questions and get the best out of them.


I hope you find these helpful and as your work through them, I’m curious to see what comes up for you.

It’s your time to grow up and be happy! (and yes, being happy in THE BEST gift you can give your kids too).

All my love,



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