Forgiveness Challenge

5 days to heal your past and upgrade your relationships

  • You have grown a lot and learned a lot, but… you can {still} FEEL a hint of anxiety every time you think about your ex (parent, friend, colleague, ect) ….
  • LOGICALLY you know that the past is in the past, but, EMOTIONALLY, feelings of rejection and loneliness trigger the hell out of you…
  • You KNOW that your ability to forgive fully is the key to creating committed and healthy relationships, and you are READY to embrace it, so you can move on.

Welcome to the 5 Day Forgiveness Tapping Challenge!

Welcome to the 5 Day Forgiveness Tapping Challenge!  

The place where we will match the THOUGHTS in your head with the FEELINGS in your body. So, you can leave the past in the past and release any emotional clutter for good.  

When: February 4th – Feb 9th  

Where: Your Inbox + My FB page

During the 5 Days, we’ll go through a beautiful and simple tapping (Faster EFT) process to help you heal and release the past hurts on a deeper level. Faster EFT (Faster Emotionally Focused transformations) is a powerful tool when it comes to releasing feelings of betrayal, sadness and hurt.  

Here is what to expect:

Day 1:: Decide who are you forgiving + your BIG why

Day 2:: Step by step tapping process to forgiveness

Day 3:: HOW to forgive someone who betrayed, lied to or cheated on you.

Day 4:: Forgiving your parents

Day 5:: How to forgive yourself


FB Live:: How to check if you have REALLY forgiven

Can’t wait to see you inside!

All my love,


About Olga:

By the way, if we have not met yet, here are a couple of things about me. I went through divorce myself in January of 2017, and it took me less than 6 months to start dating and find an amazing, deep man who supports and appreciates me as I am. We just got married and went on a vacation to Italy together!

I am also an advanced, Level 4 certified Faster EFT practitioner and Relationships coach and have been helping women with limiting beliefs and fears for over 5 years.

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