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I believe that the state of being “in love” is our NATURAL  state of beling.

But now you might be feeling like …

  • You shoud have found some one by now  {but no one seems to be there who is alligned with your values}
  • Something might be blocking you conscoisly or subconsciosly {as you keep repeating similar relationhps patters}
  • You are not sure if you can trust a man (or yourself) again {despite of all the inner work you’ve done}
  • The past break ups are  still pulling on you {some  old relationships hang overs and past “failures” makes it difficult to move on}
  • You would LOVE to start dating again but starting to wonder if its ever worth your time and energy {or wthere there are any good man left outthere}

 I work with successfull, cretive woman who feel like they got their life together and now ready for a life partner who is alligned with their values.

The kind of intimate relationship where 1+1= 100.    

You are done settling for mediocriy and looking for a kind of partner who sees you, supports you in your journey and is commited to grow together. You are ready for someone who match you well: commited, deep person . Your soul has evolved a lot. You have meditated, practiced yoga, traditional EFT, affirmations and life coaching. But you still find that connected intimate relationship is somehow out of reach .

The truth is: about 96% of all our decisions are made by the subconscious mind.

You are starting to see that there is a bigger force underlying some of your annoying patters and you are ready get to the root of it. You want to feel like you are in control of your emotions  instead of feeling like a punching bag. You know, with finding true love, the fears will come up, but you are ready to master emotional resilience to move forward to create the partnership with the man of your dreams.  

Hi! I am Olga Bochareva, Relationshi[ps Coach and Advanced Faster EFT Practicioner. I believe that the only true currency is LOVE. You can alway make more money. But the day will come when you look back and realized that the ONLY think you ever wanted  is to expand your ability to give and receive love.

I also believe that Emotional Intelligence is the foundation of true self-confidence and fulfillment in life. When you learn take charge of how you feel you become happier, have better relationships, look younger, live longer and make more money.

How I Can Help You::

I work with heart centered woman and  professionals (that’s you) to help break through Upper Limit Problem (AKA limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks), and release resistance to finding true love. Together we let go of all the subconscios clutter and inner “mean voices” thatholding you back from experiencing the EPIC love you deserve. So you can show up fully in this world free of your past limitations and create connected conscios relationships you are ready for. 

5 Top Reasons People Come to Me: 

1. You are ready to find your soulmate. 

2. You are in relationships. BUT suspecting that it may have run its course. You’d like clarity of what is next. 

3. You went through divorce an ready to heal the wound, so you can move on with your life.

4. You want to clear your “stuff” around man and realtionships, so that you do not get into same unhealthy patterns again


5. You’ve heard my personal epic “From divorce to conscios loving in 18 months” story and want for me to break down the steps on the “how to”. 

“It’s amazing to work with Olga and have someone help me see that what’s bothering you now, or holding you back in life, is a problem you’ve been dealing with for years. And until you address the core issue, you’re just slapping a band-aid on it. I’d explored EFT over the years with the help of books and YouTube videos, but realized that I was barely scratching the surface. Everything seemed to be going right… but the better it went, the more I’d find a way to self-sabotage. My business was booming and I was having sleepless nights worrying about what could go wrong. Pick a fight with my husband. Let a negative comment ruin not just my day – but weeks. Working deeply with Olga over the last few months has helped me to unravel these self-sabotaging issues so I can more clearly see what’s going on and consciously choose to respond, not react. Now I feel more ready than ever to take my business and life to the next level.”

Racheal Cook

MBA Business Strategist, CEO of the Yogipreneur and Conscious Business Design , http://www.rachealcook.com/

For anyone considering work with Olga I would whole heartedly recommend her. No matter what my issue was I always felt at ease because she is both kind and extremely professional. I always felt like I was in good hands. Here are just a few reasons why I loved working with her:

  1. Reassurance when I told her my problem, that it was a was a common programme an that it could be worked on. (Hearing that was a huge relief)
  2. Being able to help me see the programmes I was living out of…that is a talent in itself.
  3. Helped me experience new things…for example after one session I felt like I had been given an injection of self confidence. The feeling was so strong. Another example is I now stand up for myself more, particularly at work, after a recent session with Olga.

I’m glad I followed my instincts and chose Olga. My life is better for it.

Caitriona McMahon


“I have worked with Olga Bochareva many times, she’s amazing! I had the opportunity to work on relationships with her and it changed my entire perspective! I felt better & more positive right away!  If you haven’t worked with Olga, you’re missing out… I highly recommend her!

Actually, after we  tapped last year in July...  within a month I met the man of my dreams. Seriously, it’s amazing how well this works!”


Houston Tx

I just wanted to give a shoutout for an insanely powerful tapping sessions to Olga! It was amazing to understand a repeated pattern and to heal wounds on the father side.

While we were working together I also met an amazing guy I am dating now. He is absolutely incredible, attentive and generous. He recently has been away working and calls every day, and on the way to the airport showed up at my work to surprise me with the most beautiful flowers along with a basketful of my fave chocolate. The more I learn to release past pains on the father side, the more I’m learning to receive powerfully.

I also love Olga’s joyful energy and her humor! Everyone needs an Olga! I‘d recommend Olga to anyone who’s truly ready to face their fears around relationships”



My EFT session with Olga was transformational! I had a bit of an emotional crisis come up a few days prior and was really feeling stuck there. I was using my own healing tools which were helping, but I felt like I just couldn’t fully get through the emotional stickiness of the situation. I figured it just needed more time to process. But then I had a session with Olga, and after about 30 minutes I felt things shifting in a subtle yet extremely powerful way. During the session, I was able to take a situation that held a very strong emotional charge and reduce that charge to negligible levels. I also had a major moment of insight when I was able to clearly see a false-belief I was carrying around that was keeping me feeling victimized.Once I noticed and tapped on that belief, it shifted instantly. I felt empowered and in control again. AMAZING!! Looking forward to our next session, Olga!

Dana Garced

Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Guide , www.danagarced.com

“My experience with Olga and EFT started quite unusually. I have been supporting my parents and we were going through some challenging times as a family. I was running out of ideas on how to help my mom to keep her spirit up and find inner peace, when I saw and learned about Olga’s EFT program. We might give this “feel good” practice a shot, I thought. My mom was of a different opinion when Olga arrived for an initial session. Olga surprised me with her calming flexibility and unexpected discovery under circumstances. She said: “If your mom is not ready for it, and you thought she is in need of and open to it, maybe you have some things to work on yourself and learn to help your mom, if/when she needs it.” Good point Olga had!

And so we began. I keep craving more of Olga’s insight and just her calming-peaceful-grounding energy, showing through in her webinars, Question and Answer videos and our private sessions. She offers new perspective on my experiences and assists me in finding clarity in my next steps and acceptance of what is in my life as a mother, daughter, individual and professional/businesswoman. So it should be no surprise, I am also inspired by Olga’s Fearless Entrepreneur program. It feels like she is able to put my own leadership and entrepreneurial ‘thoughts to actions’ moves in high gear. Looking forward to continue learning and growing with Olga.”

Marianna Leybovich




Want to get insider invites to my free tapping challenges and webinars and get a new tapping video each week? Let us know where to send it





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